Fireplace Ico


Below are just a few of the quality fireplaces we have at Fireplace Grills & More! From wood burning fireplaces to gas fireplaces we've got it all. Be sure to ask us about our installation and repair services.

Electric Fireplaces

Allura-Fire Electric Fireplace

Allura-Electric 36"

Allura-Fire electric fireplaces offer you the ambiance of fire created through the magic of Majestic's electric fireplace technology.

Allura-Fire Electric Fireplace -36

Allura-Electric 33"

No need for venting and no gas line required, the Allura-Fire offers the perfect fireplace solution in a range of sizes to suit any application.

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Gas Direct Vent Fireplaces

Gas DV - HNG 6000

HNG 6000 CLX

6000CLX shown with Chateau Forge front, Portico
mantel and absolute black granite.

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Gas DV - HNG 8000

HNG 8000 CL

The CL models includes flame, LED accent lighting, brick refractory, advanced wireless control, and AFUE heater rating. Clean Face kit and Biltmore mantel
in beige.

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Gas DV - HNG Cerona1

HNG Cerona

Heat & Glo Cerona is incredibly efficient with high heat and high efficiency. Available in 36" and 42" models.

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Vent Free Fireplaces

Empire Breckenridge Fireplace

Empire Breckenridge

Breckenridge Premium fireboxes add a little more overall depth 21 7/16 inches and a taller opening to showcase todays bigger log sets.

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Empire Breckenridge CThru

Empire Breckenridge CThru

Our Breckenridge Select vent-free gas firebox features a tall, deep stage for the log set, with compact outer dimensions and a low-profile top and bottom.

Empire Breckenridge Loft

Empire Breckenridge Loft

The contemporary Loft Series Fireplace includes a Loft burner in a compact system. This unit installs as a zero-clearance vent-free fireplace or as an insert in an existing fireplace.

Woodburning Fireplaces

Sovereign Fireplace

Sovereign Fireplace

The Sovereign Wood Burning fireplace from Majestic adds the warmth of radiant or circulating heat and an unobstructed view of the fire to any room in your home.

Biltmore Fireplace

Biltmore Fireplace

Capturing the drama of a real wood fire requires the regal presence of a large fireplace. The SB series of wood burning fireplaces from Majestic offer an impressive range of model sizes: 38, 44 and 50 inch models

Royalton Fireplace

Royalton Fireplaces

Nothing can beat the Royalton wood burning fireplace from Majestic. These fireplaces offer top-of-the-line features and aesthetics, all in an economical and easy-to-install package.